Hi, I am Jacqui Ventura.

I am a portrait photographer in Monterey, CA.

My goal is to capture beautiful moments that you can proudly showcase to your family and friends.

I started my photography journey as a a yearbook geek in high school! I knew I wanted to pursue a career in media as graduation approached. About a year after graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps in 2014 and was lucky enough to choose my job, a Combat Photographer! I attended school at the Defense Information School in Ft. Meade, Maryland and was later stationed in Camp Lejeuene, North Carolina. I was blessed with amazing leaders who taught me a lot about the art of photography.

I was later medically separated due to an injury two years later. I knew I wanted to keep pursuing this passion of mine but I didn't know how to. I took a break and I began traveling and graduated from culinary school in New York City. I completed an internship with Vice Media and I knew I wanted to continue pursuing both culinary and photography.

I traveled around the world and began capturing landscapes. When I returned from my travels, I wanted to begin photographing people. While working in various kitchens around Monterey County, I began expanding my portfolio and I'm now in the process of pursuing photography full time!

I love what I do, and I would love capture some of your moments!